URLAKH ERDEM Fashion Design Institute (URLAKH ERDEM FDI), established in 1993, have the distinction of being the first private Institute in Mongolia to be granted degree teaching status in fashion and design.

URLAKH ERDEM FDI is based in the capital Ulaanbaatar, has 36 Professors and Designers-Teachers working with hundreds of students.  The Institute offers Bachelor's Degree courses in 10 subject areas and an extensive portfolio of short courses.

Our mission is "To equip our students with professional excellence for successful careers in fashion and design." 

Following our unique three stage system of Education – Creation – Production, the Institute's graduates gain skills & practice to pursue their career path in Fashion and Design industries.  We provide a hands-on approach with dedicated "create and produce" studio workshops within our faculties. They are built to train our students with practical knowledge and skills they need on the current competitive market.

We also organise Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses for Design & Technology teachers from across the country, Small Medium Enterprises and for adults from disadvantaged backgrounds.

URLAKH ERDEM FDI is proud to have among GT Design Studio's clients, The President of Mongolia, political, social leaders and around 7 in 10 of classical, rock and pop artists in Mongolia. 

In 2003 The President of Mongolia and The Mayor of Ulaanbaatar visited the Institute. They praised it as a centre of excellence in its field.

We will continue to provide a route into the interdisciplinary knowledge base, whether directly fashion – related or in complimentary areas of Interior design, Architecture, Landscape, Industrial design and Hair & Beauty.


  • 1993 - The year URLAKH ERDEM FDI was established by official approval of the Ministry of Education, Mongolia. 
  • 1996 - Started to participate in national and international – Germany, Russia, Central Asia & Far East -  fashion, art and design competitions and catwalks.
  • 1996 - "GT Design Studio" workshop was established to provide the production stage of Fashion Design and Development Faculty's creations. The Studio also provides Service to clients in bespoke tailoring.
  • 1998 - The start of annual fashion design SUMMER SHOW.
  • 2003 - Initiated the annual ULAANBAATAR (UB) FASHION WEEK in Mongolia.
  • 2003 - Opening of "Classic Studio" workshop to provide the production stage of Architecture and Interior Design Faculty's creations and provide service.
  • 2007 - Opened "Enjoy Salon" workshop, specialised in producing of Decorative Art Faculty's creations.
  • 2008 - The start of additional annual SUMMER FASHION WEEK in Ulaanbaatar.



URLAKH ERDEM FDI's achievements have been recognised by:

  • "GOLDEN HAND" award for Best Fashion Design Institute from Mongolian Designers Association.
  • "BEST CREATION", "BEST INSTITUTE", "BEST FASHION DESIGN STUDIO" awards from leading national industry events "STYLE", "GOYOL" and "SPRING GOYOL".



  • Mongolian Youth Federation's  "CRAFTSMANSHIP  PRAISE" Medal
  • "The Capital's consumers' reliable partner" Honour
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade's HONORORY Medal